Move over Almond Milk...

Almond milk has been all the craze to the dairy-free folks over the last couple of years. You'll see over a dozen different kinds at the grocery stores and it's now commonly offered at cafe and restaurants all over. And although I enjoy an occasional dose of creamy sweetness provided by the creation of "nut milks," for me cashew milk is really where it's at!

As some of you may know, a homemade nut milk  is really the way to go in terms of getting not only the best taste ever but the nutritional aspects as well. Market nut milks are essentially dead as they are pasteurized and full of fillers and thickeners that aren't very good for you AND they end up masking the tastiness which a homemade nut milk has to offer.

I've taught many clients how to make homemade almond milk and some of them still purchase store bought for convenience. And it's so easy. I get that time management has its challenges so we cut corners where we can, so this is why I making a …

Get in there and be with it.

Get in there and be with it.
All the occurrences and experiences in our lives are shaping us in some form or another. Some times we don't know the rhyme of reason for it all, but over time that challenge, experience or event will have a way of revealing some truth about ourselves to us. So whether you are in the face of uncertainty, battling challenges or perhaps life is unfolding magically for you, just get in there and be with it. Be present with it and see if you can focus solely on what good can come from it. Be grateful. Remember everything is shifting and transforming. Know that Spirit has your back.

Monday Affirmation

Today is anew. I commit to looking at life with a positive outlook.

March has snuck up upon me, leaving me in awe (yet again) of how swiftly life moves. This week's reminder and affirmation takes the notion that each day is merely a gift. We have no idea how long we will be on this planet and with each morning that we wake, we have been given the opportunity to live, to give, to receive, to love, to share, to be....

Start your mornings this week with the intention of being positive and seeing the beauty in all things. Notice how things start to shift for you as you set the tone rather than letting life dictate your view and mood. Take stock of your experiences, see the good and perhaps ponder this: what if the more difficult times might be little hidden blessings. The universe is always supporting you.

Today is anew. I commit to looking at life with a positive outlook.


Daily Affirmation

Abundance flows to me, creativity moves through me and I am thriving.

Yesterday,  I caught up with my good friend Lindsay of Act The Way You Want to Feel  over a long stroll along Ocean Beach. Much like the waves, our talks flowed naturally in and out of creative endeavors, work, love, life and fun. Something about being out in nature with no agenda always gets me in the right place...along with a spark of inspiration from my girl Lindsay!

As most of you know I've been living the nomadic life for the last 7 months spending most of my time hopping house to house here in San Francisco while my beloved resides in Hong Kong. I've got my suitcase, 2 bags, a backpack, a purse, usually some groceries and a vision board in the back of my Mini named Pearl; everything else I own is either half way across the world or in a storage unit. It's been helpful for learning how to scale down, what really matters and the beauty of non-attachment from all the "things" I "own.&q…

Chocolate Covered Walnut Stuffed Dates

Hi All!

Sorry it's been so long! I've been quite the nomad these last few months and I've also been doing a lot of work healing my gut so my cooking has been REALLY simple and a bit boring. I was feeling a little restricted and uninspired so I took a break from posting. Good news is I've made a lot of progress and am continuing to heal so things are starting to get interesting again in the kitchen.

Currently, I'm in Hong Kong and the spirit of Thanksgiving is not quite in the air, but you can bet your bottoms that we are celebrating it anyways! We are gathering with a few friends on Saturday so I'm in the midst of planning and preparing a few meals to bring over. I've got a lot of ideas for pies, which I'm sad to say won't be in time for you for Thanksgiving. However, they will be on your radar for Christmas– another festive time for creating healthy and delicious food. Stay tuned.

Today, I've got an incredibly simple treat for you. I've bee…

Sweet and Savory Lamb Stew

Just a heads up that the next few posts will be easy slow cooker recipes. If you don't have one of these awesome kitchen additions yet, it's time to add it to the list. Seriously, don't waste any more time. I mean it–You will not regret this purchase! Crock pots are really inexpensive and a brilliant way to make healthy, easy meals during a busy work week. Believe it or not, I am new to working with a crock pot and am kicking myself for not having done it sooner. I have been using this one here by Hamilton and  I must say that I'm loving it. It's really simple–which is how we like to do it here on mindfulbites!

The beauty of slow cooking is you don't actually have to cook. This is great for those of you who: a.) don't have time to cook  b.) are intimidated in the kitchen  c.) don't like cooking, but love good food. All you do is the prep work– season, chop and plug it in then the crock pot does the rest. It's that easy! This is a stew I conjured up …

Easy Homemade Bone Broth

"Good broth will resurrect the dead." – South American proverb

OK listen up! Homemade bone broth is one of the most nourishing and healing things you can add to your diet. Full stop.

I truly can't express this enough. Homemade broth is loaded with minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, collagen and gelatin, which have a vast amount of nutritive and healing properties that I will tell you more about down below. Want to talk about "superfoods"...forget goji berries, insert BONE BROTH. It's truly a healing elixir.

Bone broth has been traditionally consumed for years and in a variety of cultures. It is incredibly easy and inexpensive to make, and it taste so much better than store bought stocks that are made with fillers and additives–some even contain MSG! And no, boxed stocks do not contain the powerful healing abilities of homemade broth. Sorry!

I can't tell you how many people have told me about their miraculous comebacks from flus, digestive disorders, …