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Get in there and be with it.

Get in there and be with it. All the occurrences and experiences in our lives are shaping us in some form or another. Some times we don't know the rhyme of reason for it all, but over time that challenge, experience or event will have a way of revealing some truth about ourselves to us. So whether you are in the face of uncertainty, battling challenges or perhaps life is unfolding magically for you, just get in there and be with it. Be present with it and see if you can focus solely on what good can come from it. Be grateful. Remember everything is shifting and transforming. Know that Spirit has your back.

Monday Affirmation

Today is anew. I commit to looking at life with a positive outlook. March has snuck up upon me, leaving me in awe (yet again) of how swiftly life moves. This week's reminder and affirmation takes the notion that each day is merely a gift. We have no idea how long we will be on this planet and with each morning that we wake, we have been given the opportunity to live, to give, to receive, to love, to share, to be.... Start your mornings this week with the intention of being positive and seeing the beauty in all things. Notice how things start to shift for you as you set the tone rather than letting life dictate your view and mood. Take stock of your experiences, see the good and perhaps ponder this: what if the more difficult times might be little hidden blessings. The universe is always supporting you. Today is anew. I commit to looking at life with a positive outlook. Love, a-