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Chai Carrot Coconut Cake Balls

Last week I experienced my first "black rain" storm here in Hong Kong. It rained for hours on end and felt like it was never going to let up. The whole thing was pretty wild and witnessing it from start to finish on the 30th floor made it feel up close and personal--especially the lightning and thunder! Needless to say, I was stuck indoors for most of the day and in a "what should I do with all of this carrot pulp?" moment, from my Morning Nutrient Dense Shake , I got a wild hair to make cake balls. YES. I've played with a few recipes that included carrot pulp and this is the only one so far that I found myself completely satisfied with and happy to share. It is totally delicious. Don't let the ingredients fool you. You will want to make a double batch to share with your friends because you just might eat the first batch on your own. ;)  All natural healthy sugars with fresh ingredients, this is a treat worth getting in the kitchen for. These are gluten a

Coconut Milk Panna Cotta & Mother's Day Love

As some of you already know, I've recently returned from a magical week in Thailand. My parents were here visiting us and I decided if they were coming all of this way, I better show them some thing besides the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. When I am planning getaways and vacations I typically involve a beach, so we spent half of their time here, and the other half lazing around in the sweet sunsets and soft sand of Patong Beach just outside of Phuket. I'm happy to report I overly indulged in sun, swimming, coconuts, massages and green curry--a few things that warm my heart like nothing else. Special only begins to describe this unique time with my parents in a place that is so beautiful and kind, I'm feeling incredibly grateful and blessed for such an amazing trip. Some of the  highlights were snorkeling through the luminous beaches of Phi Phi Islands and unabashedly filling our tummies in a Thai cooking class. My favorite part of doing cooking classes in different

Thai Tacos with Green Curry Chicken (Grain-free)

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo! I know my California and Texas friends are heading for the nearest taqueria today. Admittedly I'm slightly envious, but very pleased with my new Thai Taco! As we  strolled the main strip of Patong Beach, comically amused with all the shops and restaurants for tourists, I saw a sign for Thai Tacos. I thought to myself Now, that is brilliant! Two of my favorite cuisines blended in one meal--I love it. We did not end up eating a Thai taco there so I have no idea how they tied the two together, but was totally inspired to create my own. I've included avocado to the taco with the green curry chicken as I feel that no taco is complete without some avo. And, it works here. Am I right? I will let you be the judge. I've adapted the grain-free coconut tortillas from AskGeorgie , making only a few minor changes that you will see below. They are strong enough to hold the goods of the taco and don't taste too coconutty. I highly recommend them.