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Daily Affirmation

Abundance flows to me, creativity moves through me and I am thriving. our version of "catching waves" on a cold Sunday Yesterday,  I caught up with my good friend Lindsay  of  Act The Way You Want to Feel   over a long stroll along Ocean Beach. Much like the waves, our talks flowed naturally in and out of creative endeavors, work, love, life and fun. Something about being out in nature with no agenda always gets me in the right place...along with a spark of inspiration from my girl Lindsay! As most of you know I've been living the nomadic life for the last 7 months spending most of my time hopping house to house here in San Francisco while my beloved resides in Hong Kong. I've got my suitcase, 2 bags, a backpack, a purse, usually some groceries and a vision board in the back of my Mini named Pearl; everything else I own is either half way across the world or in a storage unit. It's been helpful for learning how to scale down, what really matters and