Daily Affirmation

Abundance flows to me, creativity moves through me and I am thriving.

our version of "catching waves" on a cold Sunday

Yesterday,  I caught up with my good friend Lindsay of Act The Way You Want to Feel  over a long stroll along Ocean Beach. Much like the waves, our talks flowed naturally in and out of creative endeavors, work, love, life and fun. Something about being out in nature with no agenda always gets me in the right place...along with a spark of inspiration from my girl Lindsay!

As most of you know I've been living the nomadic life for the last 7 months spending most of my time hopping house to house here in San Francisco while my beloved resides in Hong Kong. I've got my suitcase, 2 bags, a backpack, a purse, usually some groceries and a vision board in the back of my Mini named Pearl; everything else I own is either half way across the world or in a storage unit. It's been helpful for learning how to scale down, what really matters and the beauty of non-attachment from all the "things" I "own." This transition, although temporary, has put my creative efforts of writing and sharing on the back burner while the majority of my time is spent working, moving or trying to squeeze in a yoga class or a movie. No matter what, with every day that rolls by I commit to meditating and working with positive affirmations. It's been essential in keeping me grounded (and sane–most days) during this transformative time.

With a few sweet nudges of encouragement from Lindsay, I'm revved up to share some of my daily practices in the hopes that it may help you in whatever capacity you need. My affirmations are inspired and informed from the work of Louise HayAbraham-Hicks, Tosha Silver and Danielle LaPorte so check them out for some truly mind blowing stories. Affirmations are a lot like intentions, you are creating the mindset for whatever you desire. Mindset, mood and getting into alignment with your highest self is really where the magic is. This is powerful work, friends! Like anything, it's a practice that ebbs and flows with the nature of life. So practice these affirmations throughout your day. Feel free to tweak them and make them your own. When life gets hard say them louder and prouder–THIS is when you need them the most. Say it with feeling and passion, and trust that it is coming your way...and it will– so allow your self to receive it!

Today's affirmation:


Lindsay has been rocking her blog, Act The Way You Want to Feel, and is an awesome life coach and yoga teacher. You should definitely check her out and if you aren't following her already, get on it...like NOW. Lots of playful yet insightful words and tools for feeling the way you want. Get inspired, get with it, live the life you want. Start now!




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