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Move over Almond Milk...

Almond milk has been all the craze to the dairy-free folks over the last couple of years. You'll see over a dozen different kinds at the grocery stores and it's now commonly offered at cafe and restaurants all over. And although I enjoy an occasional dose of creamy sweetness provided by the creation of "nut milks," for me cashew milk is really where it's at! As some of you may know, a homemade nut milk  is really the way to go in terms of getting not only the best taste ever but the nutritional aspects as well. Market nut milks are essentially dead as they are pasteurized and full of fillers and thickeners that aren't very good for you AND they end up masking the tastiness which a homemade nut milk has to offer. I've taught many clients how to make homemade almond milk and some of them still purchase store bought for convenience. And it's so easy. I get that time management has its challenges so we cut corners where we can, so this is why I making