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Chocolate Covered Walnut Stuffed Dates

Hi All! Sorry it's been so long! I've been quite the nomad these last few months and I've also been doing a lot of work healing my gut so my cooking has been REALLY simple and a bit boring. I was feeling a little restricted and uninspired so I took a break from posting. Good news is I've made a lot of progress and am continuing to heal so things are starting to get interesting again in the kitchen. Currently, I'm in Hong Kong and the spirit of Thanksgiving is not quite in the air, but you can bet your bottoms that we are celebrating it anyways! We are gathering with a few friends on Saturday so I'm in the midst of planning and preparing a few meals to bring over. I've got a lot of ideas for pies, which I'm sad to say won't be in time for you for Thanksgiving. However, they will be on your radar for Christmas– another festive time for creating healthy and delicious food. Stay tuned. Today, I've got an incredibly simple treat for you. I'v